How do I edit or update a Product (Inventory)?

You can find the product (inventory) you’d like to edit in a few different ways.

One is by entering the product name, or part of name in the search bar, then hit the “Enter” key on your keyboard. You’ll then see a list of Products (Inventory) and any other record types that meet that criteria.

Note: You do have the option to set which type of records you’d like to search within by clicking the “Magnifying Glass”:

You can also search for a product on the “Inventory” page.

Click on the “Inventory” top navigation option.


Then enter the vendor related to the product you are looking for:

Then click “Search” or hit the “Enter” key on your keyboard.

From your search results, you can then edit the record by hovering over the Product name and clicking “Edit”:

Or by clicking on the Product name and clicking the edit button at the top of the page:

Once opened, you can edit any part of the product. Then click “Save.”

Apr 27th, 2016

Category: Documentation