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A Guide to Memorial Home Software:

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Often the older an institution is, the slower it adapts to new technologies. When something is important enough to have existed for hundreds of years than there is usually good reason for being careful when adding to it. As such, it’s unsurprising that many people who run memorial homes take a slow and careful approach to adding new technologies to the business. However, the state of the industry has progressed to a point where adopting memorial home software will offer many benefits to one’s experience.

There are two major distinctions between memorial home software packages. Typically the software will either run locally or within what is known as a cloud service. Local software runs in a way that should be familiar to most people. It is a piece of software that one installs on their computer and which can then input and process data that is stored on the computer’s hard drive. Cloud software is still accessed from a normal computer, but the software itself runs on a remote server which also stores the home’s data.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both models. Locally run software has the advantage of being independent of the Internet. Even if one’s Internet connection goes down, all the data will still be available. If the software is running in a cloud environment, if Internet access becomes limited the software will be as well. The other main distinction is that one will be responsible for the upkeep of programs locally installed while cloud software is upgraded and maintained by the people providing the cloud service. Which is best will be highly dependent on the environment and situation that one finds themselves in. However, both are mature enough that there are high quality software choices within both categories.

One should also evaluate the software based on what one hopes to gain from using it. While an individual software package will come with various different features, there are some common shared elements within most software packages. Perhaps the most significant advantage of the software will come in the form of having a central database. The database is essentially like a huge filing cabinet which contains all of one’s client and employee records. The primary difference and advantage of a database comes from it being able to instantly link various points of information. Any individual person might have different roles within a system. A person planning a funeral for one person might later come back to do so again. Or the individual might need to handle multiple funerals at once. A database system will be able to easily manage the different choices they make, and ensure that they can come back at any time to make further decisions based upon previous choices. This will also allow one to keep detailed billing records and manage payment plans. Given the long term outlook of the industry, this can be an invaluable tool for keeping people satisfied with their experiences during difficult points in their life.

Typically, the software will also allow for easy communication between people working at the home. Images may be easily shared, ideas can be put out for consideration, and in general all aspects of the home can be reviewed in a secure manner by everyone involved. The main advantage over email or other methods of doing so is that it takes place within a secure environment which keeps detailed and long lasting records. One can easily go back to initial planning stages for various aspects of the home to see all the input provided by coworkers instead of needing to slowly work through various email responses.

The secure environment is another aspect which can bring a significant benefit to a home. Obviously, there are very strong concerns about confidentiality issues. There are few things more private for most people than death and how they deal with it. Knowing that all aspects of a home are kept private and confidential behind a strong security system can bring peace of mind to people struggling with a loved one’s passing. At the same time, people employed by the home will usually be happy to know that their financial data and payments records are kept securely as well.

The transition to a new system can be somewhat time consuming at first. In particular, it usually take some time to move old records into a digital environment. Once one has done so though, the extra efficiency and time saved by the process soon makes itself quite evident.

Aug 5th, 2013

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