How do I edit or update a Document (Template)?

You can find the Template you’d like to edit in a few different ways.

One is by entering the Template name, or part of name in the search bar, then hit the “Enter” key on your keyboard. You’ll then see a list of Templates and any other record types that meet that criteria.

Note: You do have the option to set which type of records you’d like to search within by clicking the “Magnifying Glass”:


You can also find the template on the “Template” page.

Click on the “Template” top navigation option.


From your search results, you can then edit the record by hovering over the Template name and clicking “Edit”:

Or by clicking on the Template name and clicking the edit button at the top of the page:


Once opened, you can make your edits. Then click “Save.”

Apr 27th, 2016

Category: Documentation